Do you aspire to live in a house with a stylish and appealing interior? Yes! We can do the magic for you using different oil based, Acrylic and two pac paints. Choose from different colors and finishes to add the wow effect to your room. Josh Hawke Painting is a world class painting Services Company offering the best color pigments for residential and commercial rooms with excellent anti fade and anti-dirt properties.

Our interior wall coats, exterior wall coats, undercoats and express coats are simply unmatched with any other service provider in the same league. We help you with the most important aspect of home renovations and modifications.

Apart from offering premium painting services to our customers; we also specialize in offering world class painting equipment to our valued customers. If you are doing the painting job yourself; we are ready to provide the needful equipment to suffice your needs.

Hire us for the job and we will deliver the goods for you! Timely delivery of project, professionalism, responsibility and availability are some of our key attributes.