Interior and Exterior

At Josh Hawke Painting Services we take pride in providing unsurpassed services to meet various specific needs of our clients. Interior and exterior painting work and prep our main traits that have made us recognized across NSW.

We are working in this line for 12 years and have bagged enormous successful projects that our clients love to call us repeatedly. Both interior and exterior painting is delicate, so we make sure the job gets done with perfection and on time. In most cases minor flaws in wall make the painting a flop. That’s why we make sure there are no flaws in it before we start the final operation. Our painting service is followed with sanding flawing, filling holes and scrapping old paints.

While there could be enormous flaws that prevent a good splash of color on your property, the good news is that our skilled in house painters get it done according to your wish. The final product would be impeccable. Please contact us for more information of this service.