Lead Paint Removal and Re-paint


There is hardly anything as dangerous as lead paints. At Josh Hawke Painting Services we offer lead paint removal and re-paint solution for those who are suffering from health hazards due to toxic coat.

Lead paints are potentially hazardous for our health. We offer our clients an eco-friendly coating that is not only beneficial for health but accentuates the beauty of your home. Old paints mostly contain lead and it is more dangerous when it starts getting disrupted due to time. The most common place where you find the paint is in window frame, gutters, metal surface, skirting and boarder. The dangerous part is that with times it’s gets absorbed inside the wall. So the more you remain exposed to it the more you will risk you and your family’s health.

We have been exerting our best in industry experience since more than 12 years. Our skilled in house painters are completely equipped with advanced tools to help restore your toxic walls by removing lead paints and re-paint it with premier quality eco-friendly paints.