The final touches to painting floors timber and concrete paths is given by Josh Hawke Painting. We specialize in timber finishes like painting, oiling and refurbishing. With an abundance of decorative patterns available with monochromatic schemes, painted wood floors and parquetry; floor painting becomes a niche in itself.

We offer quality timber floor paintings and concrete paths by incorporating the latest techniques of floor timber painting.

The step by step approach towards timber flooring:

· The timber specialists scrape the surface with 150 grit sandpaper

· The floor is thoroughly washed with specialized floor cleaning detergents

· The floor is dried completely using floor driers

· The primer is applied before the initial coating

· The first coat is applied followed by the next coating

· Two more coats are applied within the space of 24 hours

Our specialists are ready to do the job for you. Just get in touch with us for hassle free timber floor painting services. Hurry up! We can change the complexion of your living space.