Painting interior and exterior of new houses is the primary service of Josh Hawke Painting – a leading painter services. We manage the interior and external coats for residential and commercial establishments. Meeting end to end requirements of our customers is our primary responsibility. We suffice your needs with painting experts, painting materials with expert timely intervention. If your home or commercial establishment needs a makeover with a fresh coat of paint; you can always put your trust on Josh Hawk Painting. We change the very complexion of your new and old home with a fresh lease of paint.

Why should you choose us?

We are quick affordable and friendly painters with professional experience and exposure to multiple painting assignments.

We are supported by modern painting equipment like:

· Bristle brush

· Quality rolers

· High Density Foam brush

· Metallic Primers

· Spray Paint Systems

We have a stock of the best quality paints, polishes, oils and varnish to furnish the best painting services to our clients.